Main Building

Hotel Covarrubias

Hotel Covarrubias is located on Punta Covarrubias in northern Las Tunas province. Hotel Covarrubias is one of the most idealistic tropical beach hotels in the Caribbean. Nowadays in better form than ever.

Lobby and Reception

Despite its reclusive position miles from anywhere on the north shore of Las Tunas province, Hotel Covarrubias is a small, intimate and perfect all-inclusive beachfront resort suited for those looking for a quiet, peaceful holiday.

In fact, Hotel Covarrubias is surrounded by miles of impenetrable mangroves and lagoons - great for birding - (be sure to bring lots of insect repellent) and all inclusive features in Hotel Covarrubias include a lot of ideal offers for a relaxing family vacation.

Pool and Sea View

Four kilometers of white, sandy beach with the amazing blue/green multi-hued sea that is the Caribbean and a coral reef are the main attractions here.

The large freeform pool gets lively with organized aerobics and other activities, but there's a gorgeous white sand beach framed by rocks. There’s a lot to do here, including archery, beach volleyball, and water sports. And kids get their own pool.

Buffet Restaurant

Hotel Covarrubias possesses the great attractiveness of a coralline barrier located just to 1.5 kilometers away from the coast and that it’s extends for 6 kilometers providing the ideal place for the lovers of the diving and snorkel. Scuba diving at a selection of 12 diving sites, and fishing trips are available.


At the end of the Hotel you can find the Real Lagoon, paradise for the Rosy Flamingos to find in this Lagoon their fundamental food, the same as many other birds of the region.


There are three bars to choose from, nightly cabarets are put on, and the disco on stilts overhangs the mangroves. Guests are a captive audience when it comes to dining, with no off-site facilities for miles.

Take your pick of the main buffet the restaurant (which is elegant, even romantic) or a beach grill. As with most Cuban hotels, both the range and quality of food leaves much to be desired.

Pool View

At Hotel Covarrubias topless swimming is permitted! Scuba diving at a selection of 12 diving sites, and fishing trips are available.

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